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    Babil'in Asma Bahçeleri


    Babil'in Asma Bahçeleri
    Likewise in Arab World, Ottoman Empire didn't have any sanctions against alcohol at he beginning. First prohibitions started by Mehmet the Conquerer right after the conquest of Istanbul. However when Ottomans conquest the Istanbul there were way more non-muslims than muslim population. As a first step they prohibited muslims to drink alcohol but they gave a privilege to the non-muslim society and let them kept running their bussiness. However this didn't stop muslim society. After sunset they started to go non-muslim districts to drink in taverns. Don't forget, if it's illegal it gives more joy.

    Muslim society always found a way to reach alcohol even it was prohibited. Probably the most difficult times were the era of Murad the IV who banned alcohol and tobacco. Murad the IV brought really strict rules on alcoholic beverages. If you caught drunk, you are done. Without question punished. Death Penalty... During this period serious number people executed. Even some of those people executed by himself. After the reign of Murad the IV, punishments moderated but kept punishing the people of being drunk.

    In 1718 most of the prohibitions put away. During the Tulip Period taverns lived their brightest era. However it didn't last too long. When Tulip Period was over in 1746, prohibitions came back like a snap. Such that even non-muslim society faced with serious number of taxation on alcoholic beverages.

    Kanun-i Esasi

    During the 19th century Ottoman Empire started to bring reforms to compete with Europe and changed the laws against alcoholic beverages. Ottoman Empire created new laws, in this way they equalized muslim and non-muslim society had the same rules about buying alcohol. They formed where taverns will be settle or when they will be closed. That was almost a perfect law.

    20th century was a little problematic in Europe, USA and in Ottoman Empire. The reason was consumption of alcohol ascented and as a result of this lot of problems occured. Therefore Ottoman Empire banned alcohol back again in 1919. However these prohibitions didn't work out and incremental growth of problems caused more damage. In 1st of June 1926 the law removed from the constitution.

    As a result, present civilizations alcohol always sold / sell by the governments with either high taxation or different obstacles against societies. I have to admit one thing in this part. Alcohol is not your friend but alcohol always against system. Same condition valid for different people as well. Different music, thoughts, religion or styles are always a danger for the governments.

    Now you tell me. Who wants to see rebellious and bold society in front of them. On the other hand a coward generation is always the one that governments wants to see because they are easy to control. That's why different personalities have to be cleaned from the community.

    Whatever... Let me return back to our main subject after this long looking but short summary of History of Wine and Alcohol.

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