Most of the people thinks Cappadocia means "The Land of Beautiful Horses". Unfortunately this is a wrong quote. When you think about the lands of Cappadocia, it's not suitable for wild horses. It might be good for donkeys or goats but not for horses for sure. However I have to accept one thing. That's really brilliant marketing plan. Almost all the time horses are more attractive then the other two animals. Basically if I tell you Land of Beautiful Horses will sound better then Land of Beautiful Donkeys.
    Sad story... I know.

    But that doesn't mean this excursion is not worth it. It definetely is. There are two different tour choices, which are;

    Long Tour: Long tour takes around 2 hours and it could have sunset tour as well. Short Tour: During the day you can have short horseback riding tour which takes approximately 1 hour.

    Either of these tours give you a great sense of how does it feel being in the wild.
    Please contact with us for further information and pricing.