Hot Air Balloon Rides can be done only in the early morning. The reason for that is, the wind speed could be strong during the day time.

    Balloon Rides take approximately around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Before you fly there are some precautions you should follow.

    1) Since the balloons will launch early in the morning and you will be watching balloons are inflating, its better for you to bundle up. Such as sneakers, long sleeved shirts, jacket, gloves (during winter) etc.

    2) There are no doors on balloon baskets. So be sure you wear something you can jump in the basket.

    3) Its better you bring bottle of water with you to the balloon basket.

    If you say "But I have fear of heights" do not worry about that phobia. You are not going to feel like you are flying at all. Since the balloon doesn't start to fly like a rocket, it is going to be more like floating. It might be quite assertive but this experience will be one of the best you tried.

    There are no other words than hoping you to have fun.