This is quite fun. There are not too many things that you need to go to this ride. Just your driving licence will be fine.

    There are two different type of QUAD Bike tours.
    1) Long Tour: It takes around 2 hours and includes sunset view points.

    2) Short Tour: This one is around 45 minutes and takes place during the day.

    There are some precautions you have to take.

    1) Bring bottle of water with you because during the tour you are going to be covered with dust and you will need at least a sip of water.

    2) Depending on the season choose your clothes warm and comfy. Because during the winter yes rides are still on but the wind gets crazy sometimes.

    3) There are some rules while you are riding the bike. Speeding and passing the leader is strictly forbidden. The reason for that is, yes QUAD Bikes are fun but also unstable by balance.

    4) Last words... Have lot of fun...