• Göreme Açık Hava Müzesi

    The very first Christians were always had been persecuted in these lands by someone. That's why St. Paul is really important figure for the Christians in Cappadocia. We don't have any kind of evidence that he ever passed or stayed in here, but we know that he made a huge impact for the people who lived in Cappadocia for centuries.

    Therefore, Roman Empire was against to the system change for long years. That's the reason they persecuted the Christians at the beginning. Finally people had to find a solution and Cappadocia have become one of the best place in the world to protect your life. With this awarness people started to come to Cappadocia with small groups and started to create their own societies.

    Especially during the Arabian Invasion times, there weren't too many suitable places like Cappadocia. Cristians stayed inside of the underground cities, in the middle of the valleys. Basically they tried their best to survive from these attacks. After these attacks and the invasions were over, they started to form the one of the best branch of art.
    Cappadocian Art, influenced Renaissance in Europe.

    There are two different painting styles can be seen in Goreme Open Air Museum

    1. Sekko / Tempera: This is a style of red root paint directly put on the wall. They didn't use any kind of plaster underneath, so most of the drawings are sketchy.

    2. Fresco: In this style they used a plaster underneath of their drawings,so that's why they did make the most impressive figures..

    As some last words, names of the churches around Cappadocia & Goreme Open Air Museum given by the local people. When they first built definitely they did have different names.