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    Kapadokya'nın Oluşumu

    Basaltic Flow

    When you first arrive Cappadocia you are going to feel like you are inside of a soup bowl. The reason of this feeling is because of the mountains which surrounds the region. According to Geologists, the range of mountains starts from Konya Meke Mountain to Mount Erciyes in Kayseri. There are 42 of them named and they are all Stratovolcanoes1. In between these mountains there used to be either one or number of seas were located.

    1 Type of volcano which is conical shaped and erupts periodically. Also when the eruption happens Stratovolcanoes the lava flow doesn't go far from the mountain.

    Now I want you to think 42 Stratovolcanoes erupting all of their lava slowly but constantly into those water supplies since 13,5 million years to 190.000. As a result of these eruptions there was thick lava and ash layer formed. At this point we have to talk about, everytime an eruption happened, the sky covered with ash for minimum 25 - 30 years.

    For example at this point we have to talk about Pompei. Why those people in Pompei turned into statues?
    In 79 A.D. when Vesuvius exploded pyroclastic flow passed inside of people 200 km per hour with 600 ℃
    Basically people didn't die because of lava flow they died because of ashes turned them into statues. If it was lava itself, even their teeth would burn and we wouldn't find any remainings.


    It assumed to be these eruptions kept going until 190.000. As we all know sooner or later these eruptions had to end at one point. So it ended. The lava straight loses it strength and instead of full eruptions those 42 volcanoes started to spurt. After those spurtings weren't strong enough, the mouth of the mountaing covered with lava and ash. So that's why you don't see 42 Mega Volcanoes only see 3. The rest of the volcanoes looks more like hills instead of mountains.

    P.S.: When you come to tour we would be able to see some of them from a distance. If you want to check those 42 volcanoes you can click this