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    If you want to understand the idea of staying underground, we have to talk about some misunderstandings first.

    First of all, unfortunately in the past few years, especially with rise of the social media, there are lots of disastrous information going on. The reason is having more followers. If you want more followers you have to exaggerate the subject. At last that is our title as well. Rubbish information(s)...


    There are 50.000 people were living inside of the underground cities! I wonder, whoever wrote this fairy tale ever seen 50.000 people altogether at one place. First of all, if you think 50.000 people talked at the same time or even whisper, can you imagine the gabble. If my village has 50.000 people as population why should I hide? If I am going to hide why I risk my life with this many people? By the way, during the 7th century the population of Great Byzantine Empire's capital which is Constantinapole was around 300.000. Does that make any sense to you to have 50.000 people?

    Let's start from beginning.

    Why Did Underground Cities Build?

    There are 7 underground city open for exhibition in Cappadocia. However it's quite impossible for us to know how many more. The main reason for this is we don't have enough knowledge about them. Because if you are hiding, you don't want tell where you are. So what happened and these people prefer to go down underground?

    The very first people we know who settled down in Cappadocia were Hatties. Later on the time Hittites arrived and assimilated the Hatties under their control. Starting from that time people realized this place is really easy and suitable place to live. Reason is really simple.

    Caves around the Cappadocia Region has the same temperature which is 12 to 16 degrees celcius (53 - 60 fahrenheit) and never changes during day, night, winter or summer.
    Nowadays the average temperature during summer daytime is around 28 to 34 degrees celcius. However at night time it drops 10 to 12 degrees. Same thing during the winter as well. The temperature drops down - 20 some time to time. Look this is the result of the global Warming. Can you imagine how cold it was during back those days? Maybe - 40 or - 50 degrees celcius. Then you are getting inside of a cave, back to 12 - 16 degrees. It sounds quite comfy to me.

    However even this cozy feeling is not enough for going down. So what happened to those people, they scared as hell to hide underground?

    Milano Fermanı


    Milano Contract sign by Roman Empire in 313 A.D.. The law defends to protect and don't harm any Christians, just being a Christian under the borders of Roman Empire. You might ask why this is related to Cappadocia. Let me explain...

    Let's say that you are going to drive from further west of Turkey to further east. Even if you hit the road with recent car technologies and road systems and let's say no stops, it will take minimum one and a half day. Alright so how long do you think that contract's news came to Anatolia or did people around this region ever heard about this law? Let me tell you a detail. The contract signed in February, 313 and that news reached to East Rome (Constantinapole) in June, 313. Basically it took 4 months but we are not even mentioning about Cappadocia at this point.

    Early Christianity wasn't really popular in Cappadocia Region. However we do have evidence that some of the local people met with the Christianity during those years. If need to give time range it would be around 4th century.
    In other words, Milano Contract which has a purpose of protect and defend Christians came to life in Cappadocia a bit late. Even when Christianity became official religon of the Roman Empire in 391 A.D., Cappadocia suffered from warrior tribes and try to find unorthodox ways to hide.

    The main problem occured between 7th to 11th centuries by the Arabian Invasion. If I try to explain all of the details about this period, this aritcle won't finish so I skip this era. Therefore I am going to talk about their goals and effects on Cappadocia.



    Let's say we go to a long trip around Turkey with you. Each of us will be carrying an apple with us. The apple will start to get rot after the 3 rd day because of climate changes and altitude differences. Now try to imagine this example, was done by a huge army. Each soldier is carrying their own apple. 1000 soldiers and 2 months of a raid. One apple will weight approximetely around 100 grams. I am adding the historical facts and calculate it as 50 grams. Let's make a simple calculation to understand better.

    1000 x 0.50 = 500 kg.. This is one course. Now multiply by two because it is quite impossible to move one place to another with that much energy with 1000 people. 500 x 2 = 1000 kg. (1 ton). So the raid will take 2 months (60 days). 1000 x 60 = 60.000 kg.. In other words, 60 TONS. If you start to go to a raid with extra 60 TONS of weight (which will rot soon anyway) there is no chance to win a thing.

    So what is the solution for this dilemma? Actually quite simple. To search for food either while you are on the road or while you are raiding. Otherwise you have to carry unnecessary 60 Tons. Alright now let's look from other side. If you were living in one of the village that they might attack. What would you do? Hide your food or give it to them for your life sake?

    At this point, the main reason of Arabian Invasions weren't killing, it was looking for food. Think about yourself. If you don't eat something for 12 hours. You will start to get angry and anxious. Now imagine about their condition. Maybe they haven't eaten for days. A person who is starving to death can do anything, I mean anything to have something to eat. Therefore if you don't hide your food, I am sorry that means you are dead.

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