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    Cappadocia remained almost 300 years under the control of Persians. The reason is, Persians were trying to conquer every single place they found wasn't only show of strength. They were taxing them. They did have different types of taxation but the most popular one was Talent. One Talent weighted 26,193 kg. (57,75 lbs) of silver.

    Persians asked 360 talents of taxation per year from the locals of Cappadocia wat before Cappadocian Kingdom established. If we make a simple calculation 360 x 26,193 = 9.429,48 kg. silver. This was an annual tax and if you don't pay it, I don't think Persians would show mercy. 360 talents weren't payable so Cappadocians came with another offer. Their offer was 1500 horses, 2000 mules and 5000 sheep to pay as a tax to Persians. Incredibly they accepted this. Even now this is quite impossible to pay.

    During the Lycian times, to join Attica-Delos naval unit fee was 10 talents. Now do you recall how brutal policies the Persians had?

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    How about Alexander the Great? Have he ever been in here? This subject is open for arguement. In 334 B.C., Alexander the Great passed thru this region and we have evidences that he used Cappadocia as satrapy. However we don't know if he attacked to Cappadocia or not. When he died in 323 B.C., one out of four of his commander, Mithridates took Cappadocia under his control and started suck its resources like Persians did before. However this relax times didn't last too long. Ariarathes III was getting ready to attack him. After long political wars they decided nobody wins a thing so that's the time that they shared Cappadocia.
    North Cappadocia taken by Mithridates and South Cappadocia for Ariarthes III.

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