• Sıcak Hava Balonu

    Starting from the beginning of the world history, human kind looked to the sky and wondered about how it would make us feel to be up there. Even during the pre-historic times they've discovered animal tissue doesn't sink so they made inflatable armbands for themselves. Crazy to think...

    In 17th century like Evangelista Torricelli and other Italian scientists discovered when they inflate a bag with gas, it flies. That means we are talking a recent invention. But the real discovery is known as Boyle Law.

    Boyle's Law says; "Absolute pressure and volume of a given mass of confined gas are inversely proportional, provided the temperature remains unchanged within a closed system."

    Later on history, British Henry Cavendish proved that hydrogen is 11 times lighter then air. Just right after this discovery Scottish Joseph Black said, "If you inflate a balloon with hydrogen, it will ascend".

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    Montgolfier Kardeşler


    In year 1783, two French brothers wanted to fly on their own. Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier discovered the first Hot Air Balloon by luck. The first flight metarialized with living animals (a sheep, a duck and a chicken) in 19th of September 1783. We don't know how or where those animals landed or if they lived later.

    The very first Hot Air Balloon Ride was happened with alive person in 21st of November 1783. The action took place in Bois de Boulogne in Paris. Actually people planned to send, death penalty sentenced prisoners to fly in those balloons. It sounds kind of brutal. And yet another funny irony of fate is; There are no French balloon producer left in the world.

    If we don't count Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi who made wings for himself and jumped out from the Galata Tower in 1632, Joseph Montgolfier is the first person ever jumped from a high tower with his parachute in the world history.

    Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi