• Kapadokya Güvercinlik

    Thousands year ago, human kind discovered one of the most greatest invention; Fertilizer...

    There are two best quality fertilizer in the world. The first one is known as Guano which is produced by bats and the second one is Pigeon Fertilizer which produced by birds. These droppings are so fertile because their acid average is too low on the other hand the nutrition is really high. Therefore we have a question in our hand. How human kind discovered fertilizer?

    As you know people discovered agriculture during the Neolitihic Age which date backs to 9.000 B.C.
    Unfortunately we don't have many sources about this subject from that time. However we have Sumerians (4000 B.C.). We do know, there are some evidences that Sumerians used fertilizer while they were agriculturing.

    So these people discovered to use animal droppings as a fertilizer. Haven't they tried to use their own. Yes they did but when we are talking about history please think like it's timing. Probably they used human fertilizer but human droppings have lots of harmful bacterias. As well as it is really fertile. At last when they experienced with diseases, they stopped using it. Eventually they returned back to use animal fertilizers.

    Let me ask you one question. I can not predict your age but do you feel taste difference between the fruits that you had when you were child and now?

    The answer is "Yes" right? Approximately 11.000 years of organic fertilizer applied soil until 1840. Starting from this date, people started to apply artificial (chemical) fertilizer.

    In fact it's not totally a problem. Artificial Fertilizers have really great benefits as well. The growth of population in the world right now is humungous. It would be quite impossible to feed this number of people only with organic fertilizer. If we need to be clear, there is only one way for this problem; Artificial Fertilizer.

    Well, why artificial fertilizer is this much popular? Time, labour and money... These three are probably the best way to answer this question.

    Long story short, when you apply artificial fertilizer to your field, you have to sprinkle it once or twice in a year. However, if you do the same thing with organic fertilizer, you have to do the same process at least 5 or even 6 times.

    That's why organic fruits and vegetables are way more expensive than others. Less time, labour and money...